Forex VPS: Why You Need One?

An Expert Advisor needs an internet connection and a computer running in order to do its job properly. So can you run it on your own computer at home? The short answer is yes, the long answer is no. Imagine the following scenario. You bought a very good EA, it trades during the release of the Non-Farm Payroll report. The EA needs to run 15 minutes before NFP news so before the designated time, you get ready, open your MT4 and redied your EA. You’re very excited, dreaming of the profits you’ll get and anxiously waiting for the release of the report. Then suddenly, there was a blackout. Your computer and modem went down. You’ve lost the opportunity to trade the NFP and you will have to wait for the next NFP release which is a month for now. It’s a lost opportunity. Another scenario. Price movement during news release are fast and when your connection is not fast enough, there’s a small chance that your order parameters will be rejected because the price moves so fast that made your price parameter invalid.

So I suggest that you use a VPS if you want to use automated trading robots. The nearer the VPS to your broker’s server the better. Find a VPS that has a ping speed of less than 10 milliseconds. Most brokers offer free VPS for their clients as long as you meet the minimum traded lots per month.

Recommended VPS


My main broker is IC Markets and they provide one as long as you trade 15 lots per month. You’ll pay $35 if you don’t meet the required lots. So far, their VPS is fast (3ms ping) but it’s only 1 CPU with 1.5GB ram so you can only run 1-2 MT4.

Value for Money VPS

If you want a cheaper and better VPS specs alternative, please check the following.


They have 3 data centers, New York, London and Amsterdam. I have been with chocoping for a year now and never had a problem with them. My $27 monthly comes with 3 CPU with 3 GB RAM. IC Markets ping is 3ms and I am running 3 MT4s here with no problem.


Good for broker’s with data center in Amsterdam or London since their Data Center is in Germany. For less than 10 euro a month, you get 4 CPU with 8GB of RAM. I use this mainly for demoing EAs and my cent account.

Using VPS is not fool proof. I was with beeks last year and the VPS node I’m in went down. They have a backup from 3 days ago and restored my VPS. Unfortunately, the MT4 and EA was not started so I lost some opportunity.

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